1 October 2015 – Kristin Hersh – Athens, GA
40 Watt Club – tickets

2 October 2015 – Kristin Hersh, book signing and conversation – Atlanta, GA
A Capella Books at Highland Ballroom Lounge – info

3 October 2015 – Kristin Hersh – Atlanta, GA
Smith’s Olde Bar – tickets

4 October 2015 – Kristin Hersh – Chicago, IL
Schuba’s Tavern – tickets

5 October 2015 – Kristin Hersh, book signing and performance – Chicago, IL
57th Street Books – info

9 October 2015 – Kristin Hersh, book signing and discussion – Boulder, CO
Boulder Book Store – voucher info

10 October 2015 – Kristin Hersh – Denver, CO
Swallow Hill Music, Tuft Theatre – tickets

12 October 2015 – Kristin Hersh, book signing and discussion – New Orleans, LA
Octavia Books – info

14 October 2015 – Kristin Hersh – Austin, TX
Cactus Cafe – tickets

15 October 2015 – Kristin Hersh, book signing and discussion – Austin, TX
Book People – info

16 October 2015 – Kristin Hersh, performance and book signing – Austin, TX
Waterloo Records – info

18 October 2015 – Kristin Hersh, performance and book signing – Houston, TX
Cactus Music – info

18 October 2015 – Kristin Hersh – Houston, TX
McGonigel’s Mucky Duck – tickets

21 October 2015 – Kristin Hersh – Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn Voices at St. Joseph’s College, Tuohy Hall – tickets
“Don’t Suck, Don’t Die: Giving Up Vic Chesnutt” reading, discussion and musical performance

22 October 2015 – Kristin Hersh, “Righting the Wrongs of Rock History: Women, Gender and Rock – A Panel Discussion” – Northampton, MA
Smith College – info

26 October 2015 – Kristin Hersh – San Francisco, CA
Bottom Of The Hill – tickets

27 October 2015 – Kristin Hersh, discussion and book signing – San Francisco, CA
Green Apple Books, 9th Ave – info

28 October 2015 – Kristin Hersh – Seattle, WA
Nectar Lounge – tickets

29 October 2015 – Kristin Hersh, book signing – Seattle, WA
Elliot Bay Book Company

30 October 2015 – Kristin Hersh, book signing – Portland, OR
Powell’s City of Books, Burnside – info

30 October 2015 – Kristin Hersh – Portland, OR
McMenamins Mission Theatre – tickets

1 November 2015 – Kristin Hersh, book signing – Los Angeles, CA
Book Soup – info

1 November 2015 – Kristin Hersh – Los Angeles, CA
The Echo – tickets

4 November 2015 – Kristin Hersh, book signing – Newton Highlands, MA
New England Mobile Book Fair – info


31 Jan 2015 – Kristin Hersh – London, UK – Cecil Sharp House, Wesley Stace’s Cabinet of Wonders
05 March 2015 – Kristin Hersh – Somerville, MA – Somerville Theatre, Wesley Stace’s Cabinet of Wonders (with Tanya Donelly & Dave Narcizo)
07 March 2015 – Kristin Hersh – New York, NY – City Winery, Wesley Stace’s Cabinet of Wonders
16 March 2015 – Kristin Hersh, words + music – Napa, CA – City Winery – review
18 March 2015 – Kristin Hersh, words + music – San Francisco, CA – The Chapel
22 March 2015 – Kristin Hersh, words + music – Portland, OR – The Old Church
23 March 2015 – Kristin Hersh, words + music – Seattle, WA- Triple Door
25 June 2015 – Kristin Hersh – Bellows Falls, VT – The Windham Ballroom
26 June 2015 – Kristin Hersh – New York, NY – The Rubin Museum, Naked Soul Series
27 June 2015 – Kristin Hersh – Portsmouth, NH – The Music Hall Loft
26 July 2015 – Kristin Hersh – Cambridge, MA – Club Passim
27 July 2015 – Kristin Hersh – Cambridge, MA – Club Passim
8 August 2015 – Kristin Hersh – Northampton, MA – Iron Horse Music Hall

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200 Responses to Appearances

  1. kristin says:

    thanks, lauren! we’re working on it from our side too…

  2. Mark W says:

    September sounds good :-) I second the comment about Glasgow and about Tanya joining you :-) My first ever show was Belly at the Glasgow Plaza in 1995. Would love to see you both on stage here.

  3. brianmackie says:

    I was at that Belly show too Mark! I miss The Plaza too, it was a great venue. I saw them at the QMU too in 1993 (I think) with The Cranberries supporting.

  4. Lauren says:

    Have you tried the Castle in Bloomington, IL? I emailed them but they may have ignored it because I’m not “a booking agent.”

    All agents/agencies for nationally touring acts please contact Rory O’Connor at The Castle Theatre, 309-275-1238 or

  5. vicster says:

    *Immediately starts pricing up flights to Australia in June* :-)
    If only……did see you in Syndey in 1994 though! xx

  6. Please come to NZ. I’ve been a huge fan of your music and your work for years now and every time I played at venues throughout New Zealand, I’d see your gig posters in the green rooms and feel sad I had missed you. Please Please come and play a show. I will help in any way I can if there is anything I can do, please come to do a words + music show, please.

    Please. :)


  7. Millie Fuller says:

    Hi Kristin- Since I know you are a NOLA resident a good bit of the time, any chance you’d do a gig here? Would love to see you live in town.

  8. Rudi hendricks says:

    Atlanta or nashville?

  9. Stephanie says:

    so excited about the melbourne shows. (any chance TM will come too? my chap has a drummer-crush on dave). xo

  10. says:

    Can’t wait to see you in Australia again. Please bring the band(s), missed the last TM show in Sydney as my daughter ( Alera Kristin ) was being born.

  11. kristin says:

    i SO wish I could bring the boys…it’s too expensive these days, i’m afraid. airfares alone put the tour in the red. :-(

  12. Junokitten says:

    September sounds good – Throwing Muses and Kate Bush in one month I may explode!!

  13. Laurent says:

    Hi Kristin !
    any plan to come to visit us in France ?

  14. Helen says:

    I second Junokitten! I was one of the lucky ones to get Kate Bush tickets for September and will be flying over from Australia for the gig. And now I have the absolute luxury of being able to cycle to the next suburb to see Kristen Hersh in June. Thank you! This year is shaping up brilliantly.

  15. Di smith says:

    Just wanna echo Kieran’s question above, will there be any New Zealand shows this year?

  16. Hysterical Ben says:

    No where close this time .Aww man! lol I’ve been a fan since i was 15, literally more than half a life ago. I only got to see performances the year Rat Girl came out– the first time in Tuscon AZ, and the other right here in Providence RI. I wish I had another opportunity to get to see her preform. Her songs have always sounded like how my brain processes…well.. everything.. So its always a great relief when I put any of her work on… the inspiration derived from the fruit of her inspiration is a big part of who I am today. Maybe, someday, I’ll get to shake her hand to say: “Thank you for what you never knew you did for me, without knowing you were doing it, or really even meaning to do so.” Sometimes, just being yourself out loud and in the world had far reaching effects you could never imagine. I’m not a fanatic, just a grateful.

    Hysterical Ben

  17. spacecat says:

    me too – I’m also hoping for a NZ show! That would be amazing ^_^

  18. Darren says:

    Any news on UK shows yet?

  19. Millie Fuller says:

    Please play in New Orleans!!!!

  20. CL says:

    Come to Chapel Hill! Please!!

  21. Ben says:

    Had a dreadful Monday, full of work and grief, but seeing that TM are playing at my favourite venue in Bristol in the autumn has made it all ok!

  22. Gary S says:

    what about Perth? x

  23. Tomas Ackler says:

    Hi.- Why not Scandinavien….You so Welcome…..”You don´t have to eat rotten fish”!!!

  24. Dan says:

    Please make it to Chicago/Midwest area. :)

  25. Marco says:

    Hi Kristin,
    are you planning to come to Italy? Rome is so beautiful at the end of September and in October :)

  26. Graham Bailey says:

    Any chance of an/some Irish gigs whilst you’re in the British Isles?

  27. vicster says:

    I’m with Marco; if you did play Rome I’d definitely be there (with my customary bells on)

  28. Bethany says:

    Please come to Michigan/the Midwest sometime, it would be amazing to see you!

  29. Murray says:

    Thanks for committing to a Wellington appearance. Just great. I for one will be doing my best to get a full house.

  30. Lori says:

    Please come back to Toronto!

  31. Stuart says:

    Hi Kristen
    Have been a fan since the first 4AD release and now live on the south island of New Zealand.
    Is there any way you can extend the New Zealand leg of the tour to Christchurch seeing as you’re coming all that way anyway – it’s bigger than Wellington too :-)

  32. Sophia says:

    Dear Kristin,
    Come back here please (so I can give you more artwork (no just kidding)) !!! Seattle misses you, though you were just here two months ago, we wish you were here! My dad is dying to see 50 Foot Wave, because he says “it’s real punk rock.” I would honestly like to see a solo tour, especially with that fabulous memoir of yours, and my current favorite song is Flipside (even though I’m not allowed to sing all the words.) I’d rather see you again than go to the island (and if you know me, which you don’t, you know that I’m referring to Whidbey Island, and that it’s my favorite place in the world.) That being said, please come back soon, and good luck with Spark Meet Gasoline, and happy almost birthday, and tell Wyatt his cartoon is cool. Oh, and “Mahnin”
    G’bye for now!!

  33. Frederik Jan van Ingen says:

    Please come to the Netherlands your solo stuff but very much so your muses stuff..would like to see you

  34. Jen Edwards says:

    Oh noooooooo! I will miss your Auckland gig by one day,this is too cruel…………after seeing you play numerous times in the 18 years I spent in London I cannot believe that the one time you come to NZ since I’ve been back, I’m out of the country (I’m banging my head on the table now and groaning, the cat thinks I’ve gone nuts). If there is any remote chance you can do more nights in Auckland that would be the best news ever…………….

  35. Greg Schoonmaker says:

    Kristin- We have been so wanting to see you somewhere in the Midwest… I’m from Omaha where we have smaller gigs that would pack them in nice and cozy, but I’m not picky. I was just a teenager when I bought Real Ramona so I guess I just couldn’t make it to as many shows then. Would love to see you anywhere MN, IA, NE, KS, MO, at this point, Chicago. My love for your music has just grown and deepened over the years. One can dream can’t they? Best regards, Greg Schoonmaker, Omaha, NE

  36. Ritchie says:

    I can tick some cool stuff off my bucket list. (Christchurch Word Authors Festival). So saturday morning flew Auck to Christchurch to see two of the talks with Kristin and a gig. Straight from the plane to the first Kristin talk (got a signed copy Paradoxical Underssing and chat to the lovely author). Checked in to hotel, chilled at record stores. Got copies of Muses records I already own just to get signed – which I did after Kristin’s amazing set the same night at the Christchurch cardboard cathedral. (pretty sure I was the drunkest person there). Then on for yet more alcohol indudgence in a city in ruins. Sunday mid morning was the second Kristin talk, and then bailed straight to the plane home. On the flight this sweet lady Angela starting talking to me. Turned out Angela was looking after Kristin on the tour who was up in the roomier seats. Angela talked to me literally through to baggage claim where Kristin went to. Everything you hear about Kristin being gracious to fans is true, and by this time it was clear the days of long flights, gigs, interviews and several engagements were taking toll. That didn’t stop a stunning set from Kristin less than 4 hours later in Auckland in front of a decent crowd. Thanks Kristin I wont ever forgot this weekend.

  37. opfietse says:

    Thank you for the shows in the UK!!
    Bristol was very hot but of course it was worth it (and yes, you are 6 foot on stage 😉 )
    Seeing Tanya and you together on stage for the first time was also very special.
    The Brigthon gig was also great (and much cooler), thanks for not throwing me out of your soundcheck session :-) I also spoke to Paul again (I met him in minehead 5 years ago).
    Needless to says that the detour on my holiday (ferry from France) was worth it!
    Hope to see you soon again (in the Netherlands please!)

  38. Katrina says:

    Were any of the UK shows filmed? Amazing performances in Bristol and last show in London. Come back soon!

  39. stifkitten says:

    What’s next? Don’t be shy. 😉

  40. cdice007 says:

    I’ll never forget seeing Throwing Muses at this restaurant in Redlands, CA. When the restaurant closed, the moved back all the patron tables in the front room, and Throwing Muses played there. This was in the late 1980’s. I think the restaurant might have been called The Elephant Bar or something like that, on West Colton (?) Street in Redlands…how did you ever end up there? But I’m so glad you did. It was one of the unpublicized shows, only a handful of people, and magical. Always curious as to how that particular show came about, though. Any details?

  41. Tony Stuart says:

    Really starved of muses in New Zealand!! A trip down under would be good for your soul…lol

  42. Jennifer Harrelson says:

    Atlanta, Atlanta, Atlanta!!!

  43. Tom says:

    Any upcoming Chicago appearances? Loved the show you did at Old Town School of Folk Music a while back.

  44. Paulo says:

    Kristin!! Come to Brazil!

  45. Michael Howe says:

    Oh, if only you’d come back to McCabe’s in Santa Monica. Alas, I live in the past. Here’s to some more excellent Kristin memories about to be made on the Best Coast. Enjoy, my fellow StrAngels…

  46. DJ Well Dressed Man says:

    long time fan, since I heard “Green” on FNX.
    What aboot sometime up in Canada?
    Toronto is an awesome city and very safe, less snow than New England and only a 8 hour drive from Boston and 22% cheaper with the current exchange rate

  47. Eric Graër says:

    Dear Kristin,
    Is there any chance to see you in Europe again sometime ? And, even better, in France ?
    Anyhow, my warmest thanks for who you are and what you do.

  48. bob says:

    Yes, got a front row ticket for the Londonderry show July 31. Haven’t seen her live since…..1998?

  49. Nani says:

    I just want to thank you for all the hard work you do. I’m grateful. You’ve been my favorite musician for a while. Love your music very much. Fell in love with it in the 80’s. At first, I imagined from your voice and songs that you were like some innocent 17th century farm lass singing 20th century rage and longing with a wicked grin. Now I’m convinced that you are the love child of an Irish Banshee and an ancient Greek Siren, at one and the same time seductive, destructive, and lamenting…all the time rockin’ a wry smile. We, your fans, are perfectly aware that we are likely sailing directly to our doom and yet still cannot help listening to that next song. How wonderful your music!

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