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    Today I was listening to 50FOOTWAVE Power+Light, and then I listened to With Love from the Men’s Room, and then I listened to the first L’~ EP.

    I always love how this music grows with me and love it more and more with every listen. That’s not an easy thing to do!

    I’m proud to be a Strange Angel and I will be a Strange Angel until the program no longer is in service. (May that never be!! ^_^)

    Thank you, Kristin, for all the music you make! I look forward to the new projects; especially the approaching Throwing Muses stuff! You never cease to amaze!

    I also grasp power and inspiration from your tireless labor and productivity. I admire and strive to excel in my own creativity because of that.

    You’re the best. You rock. You’re the coolest artist out there. And Thank You!!


    strangel on a train

    Well said



    What a lovely note…thank YOU.
    It has to be said, it matters SO much that this music reaches ears & minds that need it. This really is a virtuous circle — us thanking you thanking us thanking you…etc.
    There’s so. much. work. being done right now — and all because of the Strangels generosity and benevolence.
    We have the most amazing 32 song Muses album which will be released as a book (like “Crooked” was but this time with a CD inside and with a US publisher!) K’s written over 15,000 words for it and it’s some of the best writing she’s done, I have to say.
    Kristin has also recorded 24 basic solo-acoustic tracks for her next series and we’re getting those ready to go now. It’s taking a little longer than usual because rather than these things living at, they’ll be living here and employing CASH tech tools for the first time. Eventually, all the past series will be found here too. But for now, we’ll begin this new series, called “Spark Meet Gasoline” with a gorgeous song titled, “Secret Codes”…and this time Strangels will get more frequent bonuses in the form of additional songs on their Strangel pages.
    Since these can no longer be called “CASHMusic Series” and make any kind of sense, we’re calling the monthly new songs formerly found at CASHMusic, “Prizes” — and there will be a project menu icon for them right up there under the other projects icons. So, every month there will be Prizes for the general public (free, brand new recordings, licensed via Creative Commons) and new, Strangel Prizes too.
    Also? K has a new music entity she’s begun with Chris Brady (Pond, Audio Learning Center) and Rob Ahlers. It’s called Outros, named for the all the best parts of all the best songs) and the early recordings and songs are so great. They’re an amazing combination of happy, hard-working people.
    There’s a new, six song, Mudrock-produced 50 Foot Wave Ep done and in the can, too. You’ll see that in early 2013.
    Oh and a couple more books…one a hilarious novel that’s 2/3 done and a couple more surprises.
    We just can’t wait to get it all to you. Thank you thank you thank you.



    Cool note Billy, thanks!  🙂



    Outros Outros Alley.


    strangel on a train

    Who needs Christmas when you’ve got a strangel subscription



    Kristin must be an alien!!! No human could do this much….I’m scared and excited all in one..



    I’m still trying to wrap my head around everything Billy just wrote. Is it 2013 yet? Cannot. Wait. So happy to be able to help get all of this out into the world, where it belongs.


    strangel on a train

    By alien i take it you mean an e.t. and by e.t. you mean extremely talented;-)



    No, not like ET. Like alien with Sigourni Weaver [sic?] But in a really good, exciting and productive way…



    whoa! i hope K gets to take a nap sometime too!

    eta: and you too, billy…



    No naps! Not now, not ever!



    Yowza!. That is amazinng! I, too, am grateful for all of this. Man I really need to get to work on my music too. I wish I didn’t have to work two real jobs though I do rather like both of them.

    Happy December everybody!

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