Strange Angels

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Music may grow on trees, but money doesn’t, so Kristin is asking for your financial support.

Strange Angels are people who financially support Kristin’s work in return for things like free music downloads, free tickets to gigs, free CDs and access to special content. This financial support can take the form of a simple quarterly subscription – or even fancier things like studio visits and executive producer credits.

You and Kristin are stake holders in common. You both want the art to continue. Kristin wants to continue working. Your support keeps this flow moving, and that flow creates a read-write experience where all parties in the artistic ecosystem enrich the experience as a whole. It’s about supporting the artist and listeners alike.

Visit Kristin’s CASH Music page for more details.

Strange Angel Level – $30 per quarter Buy

In addition to the free music and media files, all subscribers in good standing will also receive:

  • 2 spots on the guest list to any Kristin, Throwing Muses or 50FOOTWAVE performances – no more buying tickets!
  • all new Kristin CDs, when they’re manufactured, ahead of the release date
  • access to a media-rich Subscriber’s Page featuring lots of cool “other stuff”. Live bootlegs, video links, and more.

We also offer some Special Opportunities to listeners who want to support Kristin’s work at a higher financial level. All special opportunities include all the benefits of a full 1 year Strange Angel Level subscripion.

Studio Level Support – $500 Buy

  • In addition to Strange Angel benefits, Studio Level supporters receive a visit to the recording studio to observe the recording process.

    (Please Note: This is offered on a limited basis, is first-come, first-served and subject to scheduling limitations. Every effort will be made to accommodate subscribers. Generally speaking, Kristin records in Los Angeles, Portsmouth, RI, and New Orleans, LA; though studio location is subject to change at any time.)

Sponsor Level Support – $1000 Buy

  • In addition to all the above, Sponsor Level supporters receive their name or the name of their business or organization on Kristin’s new CD package as a Featured Sponsor.

Executive Producer Level Support – $5000 Buy

  • In addition to all the above, Executive Producers receive an Executive Producer credit on Kristin’s next CD