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Kristin welcomes Strange Angels to join her as stake-holders in ongoing projects – her solo recordings, band recordings, scriptwriting and book publishing. Soon to be released album “Bath White” by 50FOOTWAVE, upcoming book and CD “Wyatt at the Coyote Palace” by Kristin Hersh, the April-May Australian Tour and live performances in the USA are all in the works for 2016 and all made possible by you, our Strange Angels. You can subscribe now via the links below.

Subscriptions paid up since March 1st, 2014 will still receive benefits as long as their subscriptions are still current. If you subscribed prior to March 1st, 2014 we appreciate all of your support in the past and ask you kindly to renew your subscriptions to receive future benefits.

Strange Angel Level – $30 per quarter Buy

  • Your name on the guest list for ONE free ticket, plus ONE guaranteed face-value ticket at ONE live concert performance by Kristin (solo or otherwise). Limited to one free and one face-value ticket to one live concert performance during each 12 month term of your subscription, which must be current (‘paid-up’) during the calendar quarter of performance, subject to availability. The total number of names on the Strange Angel guest list cannot exceed ten subscribers.
  • plus One complimentary CD (yes the real thing!) of the latest album by Kristin (solo or otherwise). Paid-up subscribers will be emailed a link to sign up six to eight weeks prior to the release date.
  • plus Exclusive subscriber-only content available through a private portal at

We also offer some Special Opportunities to listeners who want to support Kristin’s work at a higher financial level. All special opportunities include all the benefits of a full 1 year Strange Angel Level subscripion.

Studio Level Support – $500 Buy

  • As well as all of the Strange Angel benefits, paid-up Studio Level supporters can visit with Kristin in the studio while she records and be recognized as “Studio Assistant” for those tracks on released recordings!

    Offered on a limited basis, first-come, first-served and subject to scheduling and location limitations. Valid for two years from the Studio Level Support payment date. If studio visit is not possible due to any circumstances, subscriber will receive “Honorary Studio Assistant” credit.

Sponsor Level Support – $1000 Buy

  • In addition to the Strange Angel and Studio Level benefits, paid-up Sponsor Level supporters can be recognized as a “Featured Sponsor” of released recordings or written works during their subscription term.Valid for two years from the Sponsor Support payment date.

Executive Producer Level Support – $5000 Buy

  • In addition to the all of the above benefits, paid-up Executive Producer supporters will be recognized as “Executive Producer” of released recordings or written works during their subscription term.
    Valid for two years from the Executive Producer Support payment date.