My son, Bo, and I stood in a field yesterday, watching Canada geese take off into the mist. They disappeared almost instantly: ghost geese, still making a racket, but invisible to the two of us parked on the ground, our feet nestled between briars and dead wildflowers.

“Where do they think they’re going, Mom?”

“I dunno…up?”

He smirked. “After up, I mean.”

“They’re flying south for the winter. Pretty good idea, actually.”

“But tomorrow’s Thanksgiving. They’re gonna miss it. That’s not a good idea. And then they’ll miss Christmas!”

I gazed up into the cloud that now held only quiet honking, growing more and more distant. “They won’t miss Christmas, they just won’t spend it with us in the snow. They’ll hang by a pool, drinking Mai-Tais.”

The ghost geese gone, we picked up the pace, trying to keep warm. “Not very seasonal,” muttered Bo.

“Geese aren’t very seasonal, that’s the whole idea.”

We trudged along, visions of flying and snow and swimming pools dancing in our heads. “Don’t they get tired?”

“Yeah. But goose muscles are made for this kinda stuff. They were born to use themselves up in order to get to where they’re going.”

He sighed, a high-pitched little boy sigh. “Hope they’re happy up there.”

This Thanksgiving, like all Thanksgivings, I’m grateful for the Strange Angel supporters and listeners who, together, have made possible our funny-looking, intense and I would say necessary little planet of music. Thank you for helping us do what we were born to do, for allowing us to work our muscles and use ourselves up in order to get to where we’re going.

Thanksgiving 2013

10 Responses to Thanksgiving

  1. Véronique says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and the boys, Kristin! <3

  2. Lauren says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! Hope y’all have a wonderful feast!

  3. Paula Bolduc says:

    Love you, Special K! (and your geese!)

  4. Aldous Huxley says:

    Happy Thanksgiving K.

  5. sinead says:

    I love when those Canada geese arrive to nest on the beach near me in Ireland every November. They stay here til March and every morning big fat honking flocks of them circle the sky over our house. I try to explain to my kids how they know how to get here too, but I still can’t quite fathom it myself. It puzzles me too why they come here and not further south but they’re obviously not keen on Mai Tais. Belated thanksgiving greetings to you and your family Kristin x

  6. Al says:

    Still absolutely impressed with the progress of the album. Could be released as is as far as I’m concerned but look forward to the finished product. Thank-you for allowing us in on the process. ‘Shotgun’ is brilliant.


  7. Laurence Jones says:

    Ghost-geese come in peace
    blazing a trail on wings of tomorrow;
    Their flying V a cupid’s arrow -
    A skein of love I’d ceaselessly follow.

    greetings for the New Year from England

  8. Laurence Jones says:

    Good luck for 2014
    Laurence x

  9. Rob Dikkers says:

    Dear Kristin,
    I am Dutch. I have a nonprofit website where i put music on of my favorite musicians. Your are one of them. I put your on. I don’t know if you like that. Take a look on .If you don’t like that i know what to do. If you like it let me know if its ok.
    Greetings Rob

  10. Pete Whiteman says:

    My dad always said being duck is the would be the best. You can swim, walk and fly. you go where its warm in the winter and where its cooler when its hot. Best animal ever!

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