What if there was no spotlight shining down on standing in your truth? No photo ops, no one watching, no shared anger. What if your belief system quietly faded you into the background? How strong is your stomach for that?

Americans generally aren’t cut out for it. We like attention. Or maybe we just think that because attention-seekers make noise, block our view.

This particular mindfuck comes with a reward, I think, but it means being willing to miss your flight in order to hang out in the airport lounge: be in between. Maybe even nowhere if that place exists. I love people, always have. I can find something to love in everyone, for some reason. So can you, probably; we like to huddle, collect each other. But people can distort a cause. Flag-waving obscures clear vision. It’s so…self-conscious. About them, not their truth.

Individuals are interesting and substantive, though. When you focus on others instead of the effect you have on others, they make an impression on you. Their flags and fists fall. The fuzzy buzz of humans doesn’t go away, it’s just clarified. Issues are like money and weight: too little or too much and you become unhealthy, unbalanced.

In our town, there is a ghost Ferris wheel. One that washed away in the hurricane of ’38. We all know it’s there but we can’t see it, which makes it so special, so beautiful.

Posted in: words, writing on September 13, 2016