May 29, 2017

Killing a Southern Belle

Helping a friend unload amps out of the back of his van and into a dark theater, I looked over the street at some serious blue in the air. Magic hour mist glows cobalt in LA. “Look at the blue,” … Read more

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my seatmate on the flight to Dublin: "You might be playing against U2? But I wouldn't worry about it...I think they're just a local band."
RT @Nomoreworkhorse: Kristin Hersh – Live at National Concert Hall – 23-07-17
Song: "Power is for the weak"
RT @ScienceNews: This is a first for any animal.
RT @khansonfoster: "What if every step I've walked in this town glowed in the dark. Would the whole town light up?"-Ryan Landry #fawc @kris
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