March 9, 2018


“We are meant to travel lightly through this world.”

– Elizabeth Kübler-Ross

Chromesthesia brings colors into the room with music. Like a lot of musicians, I live in a rushing world of too vivid and too funny, with a broken … Read more

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Been telling my kids to be excellent to each other for so many years and never actually sat one down to watch Bill and’s even better now, like Vaporwave plus Drunk History (plus my high school yearbook).
so cool...encouraging rather than fighting sensitivity and energy exchange, illuminating and stretching atoms until they’re heavier than dark matter particles, creates a mathematical impression of something we’ve never been able to measure
RT @ACLU: A new Trump administration rule puts basic health services at risk for millions of low-income women - all in the service of an ex…
RT @TheMasonsMusic: Final CD sequencing for Fred Abong’s new EP. (We mastered the hell into these babies!) He will be playing these songs a…
my son Bodhi in his first heat riding for Happy Battle Surf Co: “Today, like every other day, Mother Nature is in charge.”
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