February 6, 2019

Pigs and Princesses

1. A man once studied some paintings I’d hung on the walls of my sad, little house and cheerfully declared them, “earrings on a pig.” A super commie, he is all about classy vs. classless. Classy being the fail. And … Read more

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Jesse Von Doom: “Parents face a mountain of hardships...abortion is healthcare, abortion is family care.” https://t.co/B74V94fHm7
booking studio time to finish the new Throwing Muses record...thank you, Strange Angels https://t.co/pzsBJ0R2L2 https://t.co/lV3xiboLqV
me, looking at apartments: “so the shower’s...in the kitchen?” landlord: “and there’s a microwave...” https://t.co/yEdfwOh0B7
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