June 5, 2018

Craigslist vs. Dog Park

“When you show up at the Craigslist house and every member of the household is female, including, like, their parakeets.”

“Yeah. And they’re sitting in lawn chairs in the yard, eating spaghetti.”

“A little quirky, so you remember them forever. … Read more

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thank you @RobertSmith and @meltdownfest for a crazy beautiful week of music in London (photo by @K_B_FILM) https://t.co/kMtWYuyoqE
Friend reading “Nerve Endings,” my new lyric book: “First I was scared, then I thought I was laughing but I was actually crying, so I tried to laugh but I had a coughing fit ‘cause I got choked up and now I don’t know WHAT the fuck is going on.” @unbounders @meandmybigmouth https://t.co/LFXSI3LwMp
RT @ScienceNews: Koko the gorilla taught us a lot about intelligence and ethics. https://t.co/8DGuDOqLHK
The will to power is a perversion of primate psychology...only those who cause pain should feel it. https://t.co/7GO01Ckex2
RT @meltdownfest: QUICK! Need a ticket for @kristinhersh playing at @RobertSmith's #MeltdownFest TONIGHT? We've just made some available fo…
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