September 13, 2018


When I was a kid, fishermen spread their nets to dry in the field across the street. My brother and I learned to ride bikes in this field; on crabgrass, hay, rocks and these fishing nets which caught our tires … Read more

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RT @djkevincole: "'Like a Dog' one of my favorite @throwingmuses song. @kristinhersh is such a superstar." @johngrantmusic guest DJ set on…
my 4 year old seatmate on the flight home: “Sometimes I just wanna be a plant so bad.”
RT @thekharchives: Some @50footwave love: On the band's main page at @cashmusic you can still listen and download "With Love From the Men's…
Wyatt: “Brothers are pretty heavy, actually...but everyone’s your brother, so it’s all relative.”
RT @M_Kelter: Autism myths are often the result of projection. Small talk is a way of being "shut down". People lost behind their daily soc…
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