February 6, 2019

Pigs and Princesses

1. A man once studied some paintings I’d hung on the walls of my sad, little house and cheerfully declared them, “earrings on a pig.” A super commie, he is all about classy vs. classless. Classy being the fail. And … Read more

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my seat mate on the flight back to California: “I had a guru once...I left when he told me each moment is like a grain of sand through an hourglass and I realized he was quoting Days of Our Lives”
all my favorite people are stuck in the lobster tank, too, but they don’t hurt anyone or attract attention, they don’t hoard resources...and they don’t miss the view https://t.co/oGsT7tUtPx
“quantum spookiness” https://t.co/BJd2cJ9jC0
RT @khsongs: just keep telling me this is life and we didn’t miss it
“get a job, hersh...a *real* job” — friend watching me talk to a seagull https://t.co/aB20tSdvKB
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