300 Virgins Roast and Devour King’s Cow

Re: The title of this post. Really. In Swaziland. For more information go here.

Anywayzzzzz…I’ve been demo-ing the new 50 Foot songs with Billy this week. Never done that before. I usually keep stuff in my head or make demos for the band by myself in a lonely room. It’s much quicker and more fun having someone else run the machine but also much less comfortable. I won’t let him look at me while I put vocals down (because singing is such a stupid thing to do), so I go into the closet and Billy ‘swears’ that he can’t hear me, well, yelling in the closet.

He “proved” this to me by walking into the closet, shutting the door and then coming out again 20 seconds later. “See?” he asked. He must think I’m an idiot.

Posted in: words on August 20, 2005