Track Listing:

Disc 1:

  1. Garoux Des Larmes
  2. Finished
  3. A Feeling
  4. Marriage Tree
  5. Fish
  6. Hate My Way
  7. No Way In Hell
  8. Colder
  9. Tar Kissers
  10. Mr. Bones
  11. Limbo
  12. Summer St.
  13. Furious
  14. Bright Yellow Gun
  15. Pretty Or Not
  16. Flying
  17. You Cage
  18. Two Step
  19. Vicky’s Box
  20. Mania
  21. Cry Baby Cry

Disc 2:

  1. Hillbilly
  2. Same Sun
  3. Amazing Grace
  4. Cottonmouth
  5. Cry Baby Cry
  6. Manic Depression
  7. Snailhead
  8. City Of The Dead
  9. Jak
  10. Ride Into The Sun
  11. Handsome Woman
  12. Like A Dog
  13. Crayon Sun
  14. Red Eyes
  15. Tar Moochers
  16. Serene Swing
  17. Limbobo
  18. If
  19. Heel Toe
  20. Take [Live]
  21. Finished [Live]
  22. Back Road (Matter Of Degrees)

Reviewed by Lindsay Zoladz – Pitchfork – 8.0

…Neither an exhaustive box set nor a greatest-hits collection, Anthology is more like mixtape personally compiled by the band, making a very characteristically Muses argument for the personal over the canonical, for a song’s appeal as something that’s more subjective than objective. Though it eschews chronology and omits some of their most popular tracks (there’s only one song on here from 1991’s The Real Ramona– and it’s the deep cut “Two Step”), Anthology is still an accessible entry point to the band’s formidably deep catalogue– for the already initiated, it’s a relatively taut refresher.