Bath White

Bath White is the latest EP by 50FootWave, featuring the following tracks: Bath White, God’s Not A Dick, Human, Ratted Out, St. Christopher, Sun Salute, out on 27 May 2016. ORDER NOW: CD or vinyl.

Deluxe 12″ vinyl packages also include full-size artwork, screen printed tote bag and a limited edition button. Listen now:

18 Responses to Bath White

  1. Sigve Alsvik says:

    liberating, private and a little bit #early-spring-like-crazy. I hear people come together as a band, happy to report from Suomi that it works!

  2. Deborah says:

    Just listened to Bath White…. Fantastic! I need to see you live. I’ve had a fuck of a year. I’ve got a bunch of concerts planned this summer but seeing you would be like kintsugi to the soul.

  3. I like it! It builds to a nice crescendo and I look forward to the release!

  4. Hasslethymi says:

    Classic Wave. Please come back to the UK soon. We miss you 🙂

  5. Saffron says:

    Fuck yes. YES PLEASE! 😀

  6. Laurence 'Orphan Brainchild' Jones says:

    I love the way Bath White meanders through the brain as you listen to it; the visceral guitars shimmer at the epicentre, erupting and melting towards collapse only to revive again, as porpoises and whales sometimes do when they flume & fluke in play. Love it!

  7. Freund says:

    Excellent American punk rock as usual and the prefect voice of Kristin gives us a total pleasure !!

  8. Chris says:

    Pre-ordered! Please come back to SF! Fantastic as usual.

  9. Keith Jenkins says:

    There’s a point when the bass bubbles up from under the sawtooth guitars that sounds like thick oyster chowder with raisinettes in it. My ears ate that shit up.

  10. Keith Jenkins says:

    Then later, an Atlantic-sand faceplant and a jetty back-fuck back up to the boardwalk

  11. Andy Stevens says:

    Can’t wait to receive new L’~ music, very excited! One of my favorite bands. I sincerely hope you can do a show in Madison WI; we’d love to have you.

  12. Pascal Lavoie says:

    Hi there. So, can we buy Bath White for digital download somewhere? Or is it only a physical release? (did I just write “physical release”?)

  13. TheRobster says:

    Very excited. But… shipping to the UK costs more than the whole Deluxe package! Is there no chance of a UK/Europe distributor?

  14. tine says:

    You can buy it digitally at http://50footwave.bandcamp.com.

  15. tine says:

    Unfortunately we have no control over the USPS and their rates… Not sure about a deluxe package but the CD/vinyl is available here in the UK: https://www.normanrecords.com/records/159137-50-foot-wave-bath-white-

  16. tagesmann says:

    Any chance of a 24 bit flac download?

  17. tagesmann says:

    I should read the earlier posts, shouldn’t I?

  18. Jeremy Crawford says:

    Fantastic, you guys never me down! Love the energy as always!!

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