Review by Greg Fox

This is absolutely wonderful. Kristin Hersh has been known for many years now as one of the most original, innovative and quality-driven songwriters to come out of America. With the drastic change of sound and personnel, this band recording needed to have a new name and not be seen as a Throwing Muses record. This meant much of the cudos of TM was lost in effect because unless people saw this new group in magazines et cetera they wouldn’t know it was KH. The key there is visibility, and so they took it to the net, where frankly there’s an ENDLESS cult following of motivated fans who catalogue live material et cetera to an impressive extent. Giving away ‘Free Music EP’ will definitely have been one of the soundest business decisions Kristin Hersh has made in recent years and the important thing here is that it’s quality-driven. The name-change was a matter of quality (I’m sure there are millions of other reasons too and I don’t at all speak for the group!!!!) and accuracy perhaps… the music is up-beat, different, addictive…. and having the net as a starting-point (as well as freeing up the long-term spread of the work via sharing) is going to ensure that interest grows and grows in this act.

Once again I’m stunned by just how brilliant this artist and her astonishing associates are. Interesting times!