Track Listing:

  1. Home
  2. Like You
  3. Aching For You
  4. Cold Water Coming
  5. Some Catch Flies
  6. Stained
  7. Shake
  8. Hope
  9. Pale
  10. Baseball Field
  11. Heaven
  12. Gazebo Tree
  13. Gut Pageant
  14. Rock Candy Brains
  15. Cartoons

Reviewed by Mitch Myers

Kristin Hersh has been in a constant state of artistic evolution ever since Throwing Muses emerged in 1984. As a solo artist, she has displayed a uniquely unorthodox perspective by incorporating observations about parenthood, adult relationships, madness, and manifestations of life on the fringe. With Sky Motel, Hersh combines the introspective nature of her past solo work with the rocking insurgency of Throwing Muses. She explores themes of faith, emotional ambivalence, and life in L.A. with poetic insight. The music here is powerful and Hersh’s vocal stylings are both tough and emotionally vulnerable. Once again, Kristin Hersh reveals herself as a multifaceted songwriter with plenty to say.