Track Listing:

  1. Counting Backwards
  2. Him Dancing
  3. Red Shoes
  4. Graffiti
  5. Golden Thing
  6. Ellen West
  7. Dylan
  8. Hook in Her Head
  9. Not Too Soon
  10. Honeychain
  11. Say Goodbye
  12. Two Step

Reviewed by Heather Phares

The Real Ramona marked the perfect balance of Throwing Muses’ angular songwriting and latent pop tendencies. This album succeeds with surreal pop songs like “Counting Backwards” and “Red Shoes.” They’re catchy and riveting, clearly linked to the band’s early material yet more focused and accessible. “Graffiti” and “Two-Step” are two of Kristin Hersh’s most appealing pop snippets, but dark, uncompromising tracks like “Say Goodbye,” “Ellen West,” and “Hook in Her Head” reaffirm that she can still write troubling, fascinating songs like nobody else.