Bluff / Blurry

If you watch your friends carefully, sometimes you’ll notice their features beginning to change; curling up into themselves, looking within rather than without. Hurt feelings or a distracting life event may precede this – sleepy disappointment, confusion. Sometimes your friend will accomplish something really impressive and then their features fall into themselves because the person feels finished. Or would like to before he or she gets boring or fucks up again. This would never happen to, say, a seagull. Seagulls don’t stop looking around with their shiny opaque discs. God knows what they see. Everything, I guess. And bags of McDonalds. If a seagull stopped looking without, it’d starve to death. We like to feel more complex than seagulls, though this allows for a host of icky ailments to take root.

Anyway, snapping your fingers in front of a friend’s face could wake them up. “I’ll snap you out of it!” you think and grab their face with a Welcome to Earth grin. Show ’em something majestic, play ’em a big, fat song. Make ’em think you like ’em more than you do ’cause you actually do as it turns out. I love it when this works. I hate it when it doesn’t. When it works, it’s because you were sharp enough to call their bluff; when it doesn’t, your friend’s face melts in your grasp and their blurry features begin to resemble those of a blind cave fish. “Seagull’s better,” you murmur helplessly, as your friend slips away.


This month’s Throwing Muses demo, Bluff / Blurry is here. Find this demo and all my recent work, in multiple formats – including lossless, free for download on my CASH Music pages. Information on how you can support my work by becoming a subscriber is here.

Posted in: music, Throwing Muses, words on November 29, 2010