Elizabeth June

This is Betty’s song…my friend Betty, whose ghost haunts Palm Springs, or at least haunts me in Palm Springs. She died here, lonely. I was too afraid to see her old to go looking for her. But I bet she was beautiful up to and through the end.

Recorded by the great and powerful Ethan Allen, of the late Kingsway studio in New Orleans and the first two 50FootWave records. Ethan worked on Throwing Muses’ Limbo, as well as Sky Motel and the Echo single.

Ethan’s Royal Triton in LA is a studio full of lovely old mikes, an iso booth jammed with old National Geographics and undelivered Christmas presents, and a control room decorated with tiny gears, bad lamps, broken tools and Ethan’s gentle smile.

No drums, no bass per se, though we achieved bass frequencies by dropping one of the acoustics an octave. The track sounds sweet, yet bizarre. Somehow, a B flat crept in, though there’s no such note in the chords I was playing. Maybe it’s Betty, singing along. Betty sure liked to sing.

The lyrics hurt my feelings ’cause I miss Betty and I missed her end, but I like to think of her sweet, yet bizarre self having only palm trees to answer to, after a life fraught with tension. Bullied by the entertainment industry, she was riddled with insecurity…a great brain, not given a minute to think.

The song says she found some peace.


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Posted in: Kristin Hersh, music, words on July 26, 2008