Endless Summer Ended

For various reasons (touring around the world, moving around the country, heat waves, global warming, black magic, etc.), it has been summer in our lives for about 3 and a half years. Anyone who knows me at all knows that this is a very bad thing. One long, stupid summer.

I’ve sewn the straps back on the same sundresses over and over again. Even dental floss wasn’t keeping my summer clothes together at the end.

Then, yesterday, it happened: fall.

Lordy, what a relief. And what a season! Why do we even HAVE the other ones? Leaves should ALWAYS be red. Air should ALWAYS be…what’s the fall word for air? “Brisk”.

We drank our coffee hot instead of iced and then I proceeded to bake everything I could think of: cinnamon rolls, bread, cupcakes, cookies…in long sleeves! Remember those?

Now our household is busy and happy. Spazzy, even. We were pretty calm when we were listless. Now we can’t sit still. I got up at 4 a.m. to practice(!)

And practice I did. These new 50Foot songs were written all over the place, so this morning in the pre-dawn dark, I got to visit Amsterdam, Atlanta, San Francisco, Providence and some field in Scotland. I never could have done all that in the crushing heat of summer. I would have given up after Atlanta.

This is too much sitting still. I’m gonna go walk the dog again. See ya.


Posted in: words on September 30, 2005