Having heard “Flooding” every night on the last tour (I kept opening with it, inexplicably, ’cause I didn’t know it yet), Billy wanted to hear it again, but he wanted to hear it the way it was bouncing around inside his head. I did too, ’cause I’d only heard the version that bounced around inside my head.

So I gave Billy the wheel and he steered “Flooding” in an impressionistic, watery direction. It swims, doesn’t even try to walk. Swiminess is effective when emotional timing is called for, but to play a song with no discernible meter is hard, to make it sound okay, even harder. Piano?? Seriously?? But I trust music that bounces inside heads, so I let the man with the plan boss me around until “Flooding” became a sad water creature.

And it is sad, I should warn you. The heaviness of the vocals was not put on, it’s real. But such a beautiful treatment; I’m honored to have played a part in its painting.


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Posted in: Kristin Hersh, music, words on October 23, 2009