I think Fortune’s my favorite Speedbath song yet. Not that I have favorites or anything. It’s just such an interesting take on Wonder Bread and the East River and gold, smoking devil people. When I finished writing it, I felt like I’d just met someone who’s very cool but too weird to hang out with for an extended period of time.

Recording it at Steve Rizzo’s Stable Sound with a CASH meeting going on in the next room, I got to know it a little better, pulling the CASH guys in every now and then to critique an overdub or evaluate my girl-drum levels in a mix. Fortune turned out not to be such a weirdo after all, just kinda spacey. Now I wanna hang out with it all the time. I’m a total sucker for lead bass.

And then it just floats away, which I’m also a sucker for. I’m not normally a lyrics guy, given that I don’t talk right or understand human speech, so when Act 2 kicks in with only reverb-soaked melody, spooky and sweet, I feel nicely …I don’t know…let off the hook.

Fortune says it’s piece and then wanders out of the room, lost in a zone.


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Posted in: Kristin Hersh, music, words on September 27, 2008