Free Music

I heard the new 50Foot Ep, “Free Music”, this morning. It is mixed and mastered, shiny and new. Wyatt, our 8 year old, says it sounds like “50FootWave, happy…like, if you put it on at a party, it wouldn’t ruin the atmosphere,” and I agree. I’m sure this is a good thing.

Mudrock’s production is amazing and Joe Gastwirt did us a huge favor by lending the project his mastering expertise (these Hollywood types…working for pennies!). The whole thing done in less than 5 days, but it sure doesn’t sound like it.

So we’ll be giving these songs away in the hope of freeing music. We are so much like superheroes, it’s almost scary. I’m not sure when it’ll be available, exactly — we’re talking to some other sites about offering the Ep too and that’s taking a while. More soon…


Posted in: words on November 9, 2005