I met Gin in Sydney; a two-parter, both casual and complex. Called Rizzo right away to book time, telling him to be prepared for a nocturnal me when I got home from down under. “Great!” he said. “Looking forward to it.” Rizzo himself is a night creature, a gentle vampire.

Gin is also a night person, and a good way to begin the CASH year, I think. A New Year’s Eve song containing an exceptional Bodhi quote: “Here’s the plan: I don’t go out of my backyard.” Good plan. Great plan. A resolution to end all others.

Gin says that it isn’t the shock, it’s not even the aftershock, but the shock that follows that. I hear ya, sister. Aftershock shock shows up when the lights go out; when there’s nothing else to look at. Which is okay, I guess.

Aftershock shock demands attention not ’cause it’s bitchy, but because it’s real. The point that gin makes, though, is not for you, but for others. Remember their midnights.

This was the first recording session for The Guitar that Love Built and it shone. Both percussive and melodic, depending on what I asked it to do, it played tame wildly and tamed wild…whoo-hoo! I was charmed, Rizzo impressed.

I would love to hear Throwing Muses play this song someday. Night people, they step in when they get the chance and compress hours of darkness into moments of clarity. Sometimes they have to stay up all night to make this work, but their midnights are valuable, worth sharing.

As Gin asks, “Are you completely numb?” and then answers, “mmm…probably not.” In that case, playing for each other is the least we can do.


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Posted in: Kristin Hersh, music, words on February 13, 2009