To see or not to see? I don’t know anybody who wants to see everything all the time. A whole lot of crap out there is unsettling, so we shut our eyes and turn off lights and peer through opaque “Glass”, hoping our brains make up something better than what’s really out there. If a nearby personality begins to disintegrate and show us its component parts, we hope it grows quiet and wanders away–soon!–before things get uncomfortable.

In the dark, though, we find ourselves in the dark. There’s gotta be more than this, we think, turning on the light, and soon find ourselves looking out the window and asking questions until we come across some piece of information, visual or otherwise, that’ll help us make it through another day.

Should glass people be clear or cloudy? I don’t know. Warily, I let them sleep on the couch in the sunshine and sooner or later, flies are waking up, another spring is here, and it’s time to open the windows again.


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Posted in: Kristin Hersh, music, words on September 22, 2009