Here in the US of A, it’s Thanksgiving. And regardless of how trite
it may seem, today most of us Americans tend to reflect on those
people and things for which we’re truly thankful.

Hopefully, like me, you’re lucky enough to be grateful for meaningful
work and loved ones. Of course, you make my work meaningful and many
of you make my work possible. I’m not sure I can adequately express my
thanks for this. But I can honestly say, there’s love going on.

The fact that we’re truly in this together is so touching. It’s scary
and happy-making and hard to believe, but there all of you Strange
Angels are, making music happen with me. The fact that you then do the
hard work of listening – and now, reading – is such an honor.

And I’m so thankful for you.


Posted in: words on November 25, 2010