Hello, My Name Is Blank

What a beautiful southwestern mini tour. The Mojave desert is a golden place — truly gold — and the Sonoran desert is violet. Nothing like a hot wind in the middle of the night to free up the senses.

We’ve been missing our old desert life terribly lately and were worried that going back would hurt our feelings, but our motel in Palm Springs was upliftingly cheap and such a happy place. They play Hawaiian luau music around the clock (an addictive soundtrack — we’re still playing it in our house) and we got to hang with all the other “winners” who summer in Palm Springs (107 degrees!). Fun fact: the owners of the motel are presently doing time for murder.

We had no CD’s to sell for gas money on this tour, so Billy went to a pinata store and filled party bags with little plastic doo dads, bubble gum and paper money and I signed “Hello, My Name Is …” blank name tags. We threw all this and a KH sticker into each gift bag and sold them for $5. It was funny AND sad, but also very sweet. People really rose to the pathetic occasion, waving their pity dollars at Billy: “One ‘bag of crap’, please!”, “I’ll take two ‘gas bags’ for a ten!”.

At one point after the LA show, Billy was on stage wrestling a tall, beautiful, blond woman who was trying to shove money into his shirt (I know her, so I was cool with it). This woman did a comprehensive photo shoot for us, free of charge, then she had to buy a ticket to the show because we forgot to put her on the guest list, THEN she tried to give us money! She wouldn’t even take a bag of crap for it. I think she won the wrestling match, too, because her money sat crumpled up on the stage as she walked out the front door of the club. Now that’s a classy broad.

Bernie and Rob were at the LA show, as well (Bernie brought his future mother-in-law, of all things). I miss them so much. We had an impromptu 50Foot meeting about the next recording. There was some whispered encouragement all around and as much as I hate to say it, I’m pretty sure there was a group hug. We’re all three of us, a little needy these days.

Time to make dinner…

X’s and O’s


Posted in: words on June 13, 2006