I remember now

I’ve been practicing for hours…I have to learn Throwing Muses and Kristin Hersh songs for these retrospective-y shows I’m doing in New York and London. You’d think I’d be familiar with Throwing Muses and Kristin Hersh songs by now, but…you’d be surprised. It’s like asking someone to recite passages from old diaries. They resonate but I can’t quite remember how they go or why I still keep ’em around (and why are there so MANY?).

It could be an attitude problem because right now I’m not a fan of either of those 2 artists (did we have to make up ALL the chords?). I finally gave up and wandered into the bedroom across the hall where Billy was playing the silver baritone guitar he bought in Ann Arbor (I’ve always coveted it) and the children were writing songs. Much better songs than the ones I’ve been playing, though no less odd.

The best one was about a salmon with a toothpick in his forehead who learned to acclimate himself to the jolts of an electric eel with the help of jellyfish. It rhymed “cheddar cheeese” with “sandwicheeees” and it was called, “The Fear of Shocking Things”.

I was still laughing when Wyatt (the 8 year old) said, “Mom always gets the present mixed up with the past” and did a fair impression of me drawling, “I remember now.”

Maybe that’s my problem. I only remember NOW.



Posted in: words on October 13, 2005