Rizzo says this song is “big”. I agree, as it uses big imagery: Garden of Eden, primordial ooze stuff. It goes humanist biblical on your ass, with a little Raising Arizona thrown in.

Which life tends to do too, sometimes. Not a bad way to be here on this planet, really, if you can stay wide-eyed. So far, my eyes are still wi-i-i-de open.

Krait’s a happy song, I think, calling children, “the crawling milk-fed”, “ids”, and asserting their need to be strong in the face of “wasted time” and “naked shame”.

The production technique is small-to-big and the sonic vocabulary unrelated to the natural world. A lot of distorted and backwards and run through this or that. But the feel stays organic, which is part of Rizzo’s genius.


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Posted in: Kristin Hersh, music, words on April 24, 2008