Land of the Misfit Songs

I woke up with 50FootWave blasting a song called “One Train” in my head. This is an old folk song that the band has never even heard, much less played, but honestly, it sounded great.

In the shower, I dismissed the idea as ridiculous (50FootWave and folk songs don’t share a lot of common ground), but that only made it play louder. I often find that when I cut a song from a record or take a lyric, bridge or melodic line out of a song, it will repeat in my head indefinitely. Really, for years, I will be haunted by these aborted pieces of music. It’s icky.

I mean, I try giving them the benefit of the doubt, as I’m not heavily into editing anyway, but either they’re not very good or they’re out of place or redundant or just half assed ideas. Misfits.

I’ll give this one the benefit of the doubt and ask Bernie and Rob if they want to try “One Train”, but they’ll probably look at me funny. They don’t even know that there’s a whole NUTHER new song they have to learn for the recording session later this month.

I tried hard not to write it, but that just made it angry.



Posted in: words on October 3, 2005