Last Day

5 songs in 5 days. What the hell? But it happened and it sounds really good. Mostly because Mud rocks. And so does Rob, who was in charge of playing basic tracks over which Bernie and I could do no wrong.

Really, it was 5 songs in 3 days, with 2 days of mixing. And mixing sounds the death knell of any recording session, so it’s when I start to get nervous. I’m desperately addicted to working. When I’m recording, I’m so happy I can hardly sleep; I just wanna drive out to the studio, break in and work until everybody else wakes up.

I’m gonna need a serious habit to break my addiction to playing with 50FootWave until we’re back out on the road. Smoking? Knitting? Playing acoustic guitar all by myself? Ouch.

This is not gonna be pretty.



Posted in: words on October 27, 2005