Lovely, Ugly Lime Green

We are back in lovely, ugly LA and it feels good. Nobody does lime green like the city of Los Angeles.

After 2 days of rehearsal in Our New Practice Space (the new Pasadena Rehearsal Studios: an amazing building, beautiful, funny people, great pizza, a Leggo room!) we began recording yesterday morning. Rob’s basic tracks were almost done by the time Bernie and I left late last night, so I’m expecting the new recording is well on its way by now (“I’m making a record…while I sleep!”). I’m not exactly sure what Rob thought he was gonna do without us, but he seemed to have a plan, so we left him to it.

We are working with the producer, Mudrock, ex-Boston guy, in the Eagle Rock studio he built pretty much with his bare hands. So far, he’s really cool…very musical, with a buttload of amps and stomp boxes, a good ear for bass AND drum sounds and a catalogue of a brain when it comes to bands and recordings of the last 20 years. Yesterday, I tried like, 50 guitars before we settled on our top 5 favorite sounds and Mudrock had a credible reference for each sound. I was impressed.

He also makes really strong coffee. I learned to make black, silt-like coffee in New Orleans and I get a lot of shit for it from people who almost die when they drink it. It’s nice to be poisoned by someone else for a change.



Posted in: words on October 24, 2005