Mississippi Kite (Master)

Now that my new record, “Crooked,” is recorded, mixed and mastered, we’re re-launching my CASH page, compiling the two series of songs I’ve released via CASHMusic.org, along with lyrics, essays, artwork and stems. If you’re a Strange Angel subscriber, check your subscriber page for more, including details on the release plans for “Crooked” — and check back from time to time, because a few surprises will be showing up in the next couple of weeks, along with some pretty exciting news coming soon. Until then, here’s the first track from the new record fresh from mastering: “Mississippi Kite.”


Find this song and all my recent work, in multiple formats – including lossless, free for download on my CASH Music pages. Information on how you can support the creation and distribution of this music by becoming a subscriber is here.

Posted in: Kristin Hersh, words on December 23, 2009