My Favorite Martin

The gay and laughing McCarricks are back in London now, which is too bad, ’cause I was starting to get used to having them here. They play a mighty beautiful string and their porn names are easily the best this side of Bernie’s**.

Now Steve, Billy, the dogs and I will finish the record alone but, I gotta say, it’s sounding e-freakin’-normous. I don’t often make big records, especially not solo ones, but this record is size large. Size chest-thumpingly large. A husky boy. 6X.

I’m weak and wacky right now, having only barely survived a downright funky 24 hour flu bug (which we were sure was a touch of food poisoning when Bodhi had it a few days ago – until Wyatt and I got the exact same food poisoning 3 days later). Billy and Ryder are still holding their breath.

I gotta put down a few vocals and guitar overdubs today, so I’ll keep this short. I’m having trouble spelling…um…whaddyacallem…words, anyway.


** Porn Names of the Studio Crowd: Bernie – “Joe Le Gros”; Martin – “Shandy Charleton”; Kim – “Boscoe Aquarius”; Billy – “Duckie Bennett”; Rizzo – “Woody Penbroke”; Me – “Honkey Bear Kay”

Posted in: words on February 2, 2006