Oh no…

…no more record. Which sucks. And blows. Sigh…

Actually, now there IS a record, albeit a short one. It’s good, too. I like it, anyway. Here are the names of it’s songs:

Vena Cava

Hot Pink, Distorted


Pretty Ugly

The Fuschia Wall

We had a cheap champagne party on the last night of mixing during which Mudrock got a phone call from a Boston friend who asked him what he was working on. He told him, “50FootWave, Kristin Hersh’s new band,” to which the other-end-of-the-phone-guy says, “Oh yeah? My friend’s recording Kristin Hersh’s son’s band in Boston today.” Mudrock reaches the end of the conversation, looks at me and says, “Do you have another son? I mean other than the 3 that are here?” I nod and he says, spookily, “I know where he is.”

Turns out Dylan’s band, Happy Birthday L.A., was making their record in Boston at the very same time his dear ol’ mom’s creaky old band was churning out their’s on the opposite coast. And Happy Birthday L.A. makes 50FootWave sound like a Juicy Fruit commercial. Grown up babies all doin’ their thing and whatnot. How genuinely weird.



Posted in: words on October 29, 2005