Palm” is an itchy kid. Twitchy, fidgety, changing outfits so many times you wonder if maybe the problem is with his bone structure. I haven’t yet been able to make him work. “Palm” is a slacker, I guess. He’s a California song, which may explain why he’s never been happy in New England or New Orleans. I lengthened him, shortened him, rearranged him, picked up his tempo, then slowed it down, and still he refuses to shine.

But I figure, if anybody can help a wayward child, it’s the Muses, so I’m sending him to Dave and Bernie camp. Most of the other kids at Dave and Bernie camp are happy, well-adjusted success stories. I’m very proud of them. But “Palm,” as much as I like him, well…I’m just hoping he doesn’t get sent home.

On the phone the other day, I warned Bernie that he was gonna hate me soon. “How soon?” he asked.
“Well…in, like, a minute.”
Bernie laughed. “Kris, I could never hate you.”
“Ok. The Muses record has 40 songs on it.”
Bernie sighed. “I hate you.”
I sighed, too. “I know.”

It could be that there’s no room on this record for a troubled song. Or it could be that summer camp magic will turn “Palm” around, show it a good tough-love time, teach it to play nice. “Palm,” is a good kid, I think, just a little prickly. And I’ve seen prickly beasts turn around before. I’ve seen ’em fall flat, too, but I always give ’em a chance.


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Posted in: words on October 1, 2010