Pig Meat on the Line

I have to go digging for the remainder of the material I need for Murder Misery II, so we’re deep in it these days. Billy and I sat up late last night listening to crazy old southern songs and alternately tearing up and laughing our asses off. I know all the verses to about 8 more Appalachian folk songs I heard as a child, but I need to find some “Sweet Roseanne” or “Fly Around My Blue Eyed Girl” kind of songs, because I don’t have anything ‘bouncy’ — in that way.

What time tripping though; it’s really cool. Some great titles; my favorites so far are “Pig Meat on the Line” and “Bad Outside Friends”.

But I have a toothache. Toothache?! Who gets a toothache? What is this, the middle ages? I must be getting a wisdom tooth — or else I’m being stabbed in the face…I gotta score me some clove oil. Ow, my skull. But toothache or no, this morning I’ve…

1. cleaned 4 bathrooms
2. changed 3 diapers
3. walked 2 dogs
4. made 25 pancakes
5. fed them to 3 children (the other one’s vegan)
6. vacuumed 7 rooms
7. did 3 loads of laundry
8. and 2 loads of dishes (machines actually did this)
9. made 4 beds

…and 10. filled 1 plastic kiddy pool — and kiddy pools ROCK! You should get one. Our neighbors used to call us “the quiet people”, but when we got our kiddy pool, they came over grinning and asked if the quiet people moved away.

I think we’ve become Bad Outside Friends, but it’s worth it.

Posted in: words on August 21, 2005