reflect and refine

The more time we spend in reflection, the more we refine our sensibilities. Reflect on friendship and you keep those with tangible bonds, let wispier ones drift away. Reflect on your children and control begins to slip as you watch. Reflect on money and you let go that flimsy definition of worth. Reflect on importance and you begin to develop this impression of…special. A kind of exquisite goofiness: laughing and crying at the same time. Reflect on music and you demand resonance or silence.

Reflect on beauty and pretty will never hold you in its grip, nor will ugly repel you. In fact, both concepts disappear. Reflect on cars and you drive less. Reflect on time and being becomes opportunity – bumps, bruises and broken bones included – without the grasping panic of lack. Your ego is an ass because everybody’s ego is an ass and that’s…well, it’s hard. And embarrassing. But in our real hearts, I know we’re quiet Robin Hoods, noisy Buddhas, driven Florence Nightingales, wandering Johnny Appleseeds. Earthbound, valuable and offering.

Posted in: words, writing on July 12, 2016