Billy left for New York very early this morning. I got up to see him off and we shared a cup of tea in the dark, quiet house. Being apart gives us a stomach ache, so we decided to feel lucky that he isn’t going to a hospital or a war. But, of course, the baby cried when B drove away and even the dog chased his car down the street. Sigh…pathetic.

Meanwhile, now that the “new Wave” material is in Bernie and Rob’s hands, I’ve fallen completely under the spell of Murder, Misery II. These amazing old folk songs will NOT stop playing in my head, something I’ve never experienced with songs that aren’t my own.

I think it’s that they’re so comfortable…moving without being emotionally manipulative. The southern accent I work so hard to hide slips out gently, without dropping my IQ a single point. And I’m not even drunk! I guess there’s a part of me that never left the little white house in Georgia where I was born.


Posted in: words on August 23, 2005