Rizzo and I hit on interesting sonic vocabulary with this one. Somehow, playing this song by myself, I was sounding like a jazz combo. So we played that up with sharp guitar and “room”. Room plays loudly on this track.

Which tends to make a song sound like it was recorded live, in a club. This usually helps the listener hear heaviness and sweat and import in the performance.

I find that it’s best to leave the track alone at this point, so that nobody begins picturing the fifteen musicians that’d have to be on stage in order to make all this production possible. In other words, once you begin erasing overdubs, you know you got the core presentation right and should just walk away.

Billy thinks Static is about my friend Mark who died last year. I don’t know, really, but Billy’s usually right. Mark will never seem dead to me, just…gone. I like to think of him tearing down roads in the sun and rain, still having bones and hope.


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Posted in: Kristin Hersh, music, words on May 27, 2008