Thank You

I’m never quite sure I’m reaching everybody when I send out an email or Tweet or whatever. I thought I’d post this here, just to increase the odds that it’s seen by whomever, whenever, wherever.

I like Thanksgiving. It’s lovely that we have a holiday devoted to appreciating what’s good in our lives.

Like most of us, I spend a lot of time focusing on what needs changing. That seems more like a call to action, making a difference, etc. Today, I get to think hard about things that have gone right: the music that got made, the people I might not have met, but was lucky enough to come across in my travels.

Most important, there’s you. I wouldn’t be doing this work if it weren’t for you, caring and listening, doing your part. I’d probably be making music, but not for a worldwide community of thinking, feeling individuals.

I’m grateful for all my blessings, but it wouldn’t be a real Thanksgiving if I didn’t make sure you knew how thankful I am for you.

Hope to see you before next Thanksgiving.


Posted in: words on November 26, 2009