Welcome to a work in progress. As you can see, we’ve made some significant changes to the site, thanks to Jesse von Doom and Tine Hughes. Over the coming weeks and months, the new site will continue to evolve. Thanks for being here – and stay tuned.

Please note Kristin’s new CASH Music project: a series of acoustic demos for a new Throwing Muses record. More info here.

As most of you know, “Crooked” CDs are imminent. Strange Angels will begin receiving theirs well ahead of the June 11 release date. You may be wondering why we’ve pushed that release date so far into 2010 – well, this is why:

In the UK, we’ve opted to do something very different with the release of “Crooked.” We couldn’t bear to put out just another dead, plastic, CD; the UK needed and deserved something special. To that end, we’ve teamed up with The Friday Project and Harper Collins to release Kristin’s “Crooked” as an “album book.” Think of it as the most beautiful CD booklet you’ve ever seen – art photos, lyrics and essays – all wrapped up in a hard-cover, 60 pages, about the size of a standard paperback.

The “Crooked” book will contain access codes that will serve as your key to a media-rich online platform where you’ll find “Crooked” audio content in multiple formats, including lossless files, album outtakes and demos, a PDF preview of Kristin’s upcoming memoir, “Paradoxical Undressing” and pro audio stems for remixing. We’ll also continue to host fan remixes and the “Crooked” book-site will provide direct interaction with Kristin through comments and live chats: a living, portable, dynamic environment, as opposed to a “dead”, static CD. The publication date is June 11, 2010.

We’re extremely excited to bring this new idea to the UK – and fans in the US and other countries should watch this space for details on the book’s availability. We’re very much looking forward to bringing Kristin to new people, through these new outlets. We’ve done some pretty novel deals for the “Crooked” book and want to take this opportunity to gratefully acknowledge Atlantic Books and Penguin USA for their help in creating the “Paradoxical Undressing” preview.

Before we go, 50FootWave has just finished recording their latest Ep, “With Love From The Men’s Room,” with Mudrock in his Los Angeles studio. Kristin, Rob and Bernie tweeted through the recording. It’s exciting stuff–we can’t wait to share it with you.

More soon!

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Posted in: words on March 11, 2010