Works In Progress 5 (download)


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Features Kristin’s bedroom demos from 50FootWave’s first year. These are the demo versions of the songs that Kristin sends to Rob & Bernard or brings into band practice. They usually consist only of one rhythm guitar track and one vocal track in order to leave as much as possible to the imaginations of Rob and Bernie. This series is available in both mp3 and FLAC formats.

  1. Lavender (bedroom demo)
  2. Glory Weed (bedroom demo)
  3. El Dorado (bedroom demo)
  4. The Fuchsia Wall (bedroom demo)
  5. Long Painting (bedroom demo)
  6. Clara Bow (bedroom demo)
  7. Ginger Park (bedroom demo)
  8. Sally is a Girl (bedroom demo)
  9. Golden Ocean (bedroom demo)
  10. Pneuma (bedroom demo)
  11. Diving (bedroom demo)
  12. Dog Days (bedroom demo)