“With Love…” from 50 Foot Wave

50 Foot Wave “releases” their latest Ep, “With Love from the Men’s Room” along with the entire back catalog and other assorted goodies via torrent sites and Archive.org. We put the word releases in quotes because, well, releases just ain’t what they used to be. Hell, what is anymore?

All the recent SOPA – PIPA nonsense makes now an important time to walk our talk and make clear just what side we’re on. We did something like this in 2005 when we released Free Music for a pay-what you like price (waaaay before a certain other band did it) via torrent sites and Archive.org and again in 2007 when we offered Power + Light along with the entire catalog-to-date via CASH Music.

Today, we’re renewing our commitment to Open by once again refreshing torrents of the entire 50 Foot Wave catalog, including our brand new Ep, “With Love from the Men’s Room.” We’ll be including some pretty sweet gigantic poster art by Jesse Von Doom that a user can just take on down to whatever passes for a Kinko’s these days and print his or herself something awfully good-looking. Oh! And some goodies we thought might be worthwhile.

We believe that, Free and Open doesn’t mean “no sales.” Free and Open doesn’t mean theft. Anonymity is the enemy, not piracy. It’s your attention and enthusiasm we value so highly. Once we’ve been generous and once you’ve come to value what we do, we’re confident you’ll step up and support us as so many already have. It’s on us to offer you a comfortable, flexible, frictionless way to do that. And don’t worry. We’re on it.

You can find the big folder here: https://s3.amazonaws.com/50footwave/50+Foot+Wave+Discography.zip

Please feel free to repost it to your favorite torrent tracker, too.

If you love this music and if you want to support it financially you may visit the following URLs:


…and drop whatever you think is worthwhile or representative into the contribution box provided.

You could also visit the online shop:


…and buy yourself a $5 copy of the CD version, a Brick of Six for $20 or anything else nice that catches your eye.

Or come see us play live if we ever give you the chance, which we sure do hope to sometime before we all die. This band is so good live. To be kept up to date on live shows and other Kristin / Throwing Muses / 50 Foot Wave stuff, register for the mailing list.

Thank you.

We love you even if we don’t know you yet.

50 Foot Wave

Posted in: news on February 14, 2012