Power Prayer

Yesterday, a woman sitting across from me with beautiful, Star-Trek-prom-date hair, suddenly stood up and tore a piece of paper off the wall next to her desk. “I’ll be right back,” she told me. I waited and listened to Pink … Read more

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What if there was no spotlight shining down on standing in your truth? No photo ops, no one watching, no shared anger. What if your belief system quietly faded you into the background? How strong is your stomach for thatRead more

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A Strange Porch

The cingulate gyrus connects the limbic system to the cerebral cortex; a little like our animal selves speaking to our super egos. Still mysterious to us. The pictures we store, the flashes of insight and technicolor faces…how do we determine … Read more

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reflect and refine

The more time we spend in reflection, the more we refine our sensibilities. Reflect on friendship and you keep those with tangible bonds, let wispier ones drift away. Reflect on your children and control begins to slip as you watch. … Read more

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UK/Eire Tour 2016

Kristin Hersh returns again to Ireland and the UK for a rare solo tour in support of her highly anticipated new double CD and book, “Wyatt At The Coyote Palace” (Omnibus Press) due out October 4th. Hot on the heels … Read more

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Wishing Well

“If you keep doing yard work naked, the neighbors’re never gonna introduce themselves.” My littlest boy smirked at me as I held a garden hose in one hand and a fistful of leaves in the other.

“I dunno,” I answered. … Read more

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Red Eyes

Summer in a beach town is sacred meets sordid, like God going to Burger King. Or the other way around, I guess, Burger King coming to God. It’s weird. Also? I can’t stop running. I mean, I can and do, … Read more

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Summer St.

“It’s been unfolding for so long, it’s inside-out.”

“What…life? This story?”

“Probly, but I meant that flower. The rose. Don’t touch it, they really do have thorns. Pointy ones.”

“It’s all brown and dead.”

“Not if you look closely. The … Read more

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Music is Music is Music

“I got the vegan beef and cheese breakfast burrito, which was, like…a tortilla.” My friend Kevin is one of those guys who not only has his shit together but everyone else’s, too. Or so it would seem from his expression, … Read more

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“Because I am making progress.”
            — the cellist, Pablo Casals, when asked why he continued to practice into his nineties

Like many people, I think about water a lot. We like to look at … Read more

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